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Alix Kaiser

After studying law, Alix joined ESCP, one of the best business school in France, to complete a master’s degree in HR and organization. She began her career in consulting, focusing on strategy and social engineering issues. Four years later, she joined Upward Consulting and progressed to the rank of Manager. During this time, she supervised five consultants, was involved in a wide variety of IT consulting missions and was KAM for several clients: large firms, niche structures in consulting, Corporate. Aware of the HR function, she ended up co-creating Upward HR a few years later ! This was a real challenge in the context of the strong growth that Upward is experiencing, but it was also a great way to be part of a promising entrepreneurial adventure.

A former HR consultant with a taste for challenges!

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Alix, how did you find out about headhunting?

As a child, I often heard my father come home in the evening of his working day and tell how he had met a hunter. I used to imagine a gentleman with a rifle and a feather hanging from his green felt hat !

More seriously, I discovered headhunting when Michael got in touch with me while I was an HR consultant. It was the first time I met a hunter. He offered me an opportunity with one of his clients. We saw each other, we talked about it and I loved our exchanges: constructive, caring, transparent.

We kept in touch regularly until he offered me the opportunity to join Upward. I seized the opportunity right away!

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Why did you join Upward?

After 4 years in a large consulting firm working on restructuring missions, I wanted to do something else : work on other subjects and evolve in a different environment.

What I liked above all about Upward is first of all the ambition and the values conveyed internally. This desire to do recruitment differently and to have real added value for both the companies we support and our candidates: an inspiring mindset.

Above all, I was seduced by the idea of joining a fast-growing company. I was able to join it at a key moment in its history and make my contribution. Looking in the rear-view mirror, I think I’m right in saying that I wouldn’t have joined any other recruitment firm!

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How was the creation of Upward HR obvious for you? And why was this project entrusted to you?

The creation of an entity dedicated to the Human Resources function had long been in the minds of Upward’s three partners. On the one hand, because many of the firm’s historical clients regularly called on us to hunt down the best HR talent. And on the other hand, because the Human Resources function is essential for any recruitment firm. It is obviously one of the privileged interlocutors.

It is mainly for this second reason that this project was entrusted to me. We needed to find someone who, in addition to his or her expertise in the professions that make up an HR department, could embody the entire firm and be its ambassador. My academic and professional background combined with the fact that I was one of the first to join the Upward adventure and my role in internal recruitment worked in my favour !


Above all, the creation of Upward HR makes sense regarding the Human Resources function, that has undergone profound changes over the past decade. It is definitely no longer a support function but a true partner of the General Management :it keeps gaining in responsiveness, agility and flexibility. No longer a standard, the HR business lines are undergoing major changes – particularly through digital technology – and companies are asking to be supported by strong partners in the recruitment of talents, especially evolutionary profiles and high potentials. New key competencies are being sought (HR strategy, Data, etc.). This is what Upward HR is facing today.

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How do you see the future of Upward HR?

With great enthusiasm ! The objective is to continue to accompany our customers with conviction and professionalism. And to go beyond that by working to ensure that Human Resources Departments instantly think of Upward HR when it comes to integrating new talent.

And to make the Upward HR team grow by taking on new employees in the adventure with me!

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